Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My infant carseat review

We (read as: Me. Dh could have hardly cared less. Let's just say he liked "the brown one.") We, set out to get a carseat yesterday. I know - no hurry or anything, right? I sent him to Target with my list of the top three - he came home with the Baby Trend.

I took it back. It was hard as a rock inside. Very little padding, especially on the sides and not much in the back around the head either. Also, the logo is stitched right where the baby's head goes and it's itchy. I know I'm totally neurotic, but it works for me. So then it was between the Graco Safeseat and The Chicco Keyfit 30.

Personally, I thought the Graco was slightly more padded than the Baby Trend, but not much - and it totally depended on the fabric you got. The Keyfit felt awesome, so soft and padded, great infant insert - not at all crazy about the colours, but if I was in this parenting thing for looks, I wouldn't be driving a mini van. ;) ;)

So we got the Keyfit - the fire station guys had never seen one before, when I had them install it. Neither had kids, but both loved the thing in an instant. It has a way to adjust the base so the carseat is level - without adding that foam thing they usually have to add. It has its own belts to attach to the seatbelt and a super safe and easy way to tighten it. They called it the Cadillace. LOL! Anyway - for anyone in the market, I thought I'd give you my review.

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