Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Remember me?

Between being sick and having a beautiful new baby girl!!! we've been busy. However, Spring has sprung! We are thawing out and coming out of the fog of winter etc. ;) ;) Our little Sweet Pea baby is a wonderful and amazing blessing! After only six weeks (well, truthfully, after only six seconds) I have no idea how we ever did without her. The girls have taken to their new roles beautifully. I am finally feeling like I am returning to some kind of normality-well . . . as normal as we get.

Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes . Hopefully, I'll be able to blog more regularly. What else am I doing when I'm nursing in the pre-dawn hours, right? Might as well be profound. lol!


Patience said...

I was just the other day writing about you at my weblog and assuming you'd had your baby. Oh and isn't she beautiful!! What a gorgeous picture. That's certainly one for framing.


I'm sorry about the sickness aspect, I hope all are well now.

Many blessings.

Jen said...

I just happened to check in today and I'm glad to see you are back! What a beautiful picture of your girls:)

Merriconeag - Place of Easy Passage said...

Thank you both for the congratulations and for stopping in to say hi!

RunninL8 said...

Congrats!! what sweet girls! I'm glad you are well and back! I've been looking forward to your blog!

RunninL8 said...

And your blog name! I almost went with AK Mountain An Sith(place of peace)!

Merriconeag - Place of Easy Passage said...

Thank you for the congratulations!!! I still can't quite get use to the fact that people read this blog. LOL! I'm so thrilled to receive the lovely commetns and well woshes. Thank you!