Sunday, February 3, 2008

not much else to say but . . .

How 'bout them Giants!!!!!!

What a great game!!!! I love it I love it I love it. How can anyone NOT like football?? I like so many players on the Giants team but even more than that - I really like Tom Coughlin. He was our old coach at the Jaguars and I liked him then and I am so happy for him and the team tonight.

WOO HOO!!!!!!

Then there's this:

The effect this man had on the Giants players is astounding. He rode to the stadium tonight in the team bus. When asked about Lt. Col. Gadson and what he has meant to the team during interviews that aired tonight, every Giants player interviewed stated that he had a monumental effect on the team and if they win, Lt. Col. Gadson would have to get a Superbowl ring of his own. Two players even said that, if he didn't, they were going to give him theirs. What an inspirational story. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE THIS GAME!

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