Wednesday, January 23, 2008

One of those days

I'm sitting here finding solace in a Hershey bar smothered with peanut butter - it is organic peanut butter - and a huge glass of milk - also organic. I'm very health conscious. Stop laughing.

We have had a day - one of those days where I have threatened my hard-headed Bean child with State School more than once. Have I told you I am raising a litigator? I am raising a litigator.

I found this blog tonight -a link from another blog that was a link from another blog . . . you know how it is. Anyway, this blog has me laughing out loud! It was SO FUNNY, I had to share:


Patience said...

You'll be glad of her determination and strength when she's a grown up and raking in the money as a litigator. But oh, tough times when she's still little. I'm sure every homeschooling mother has threatened School at least once to their unwilling pupils! If only they realised how lucky they were. (We could send them to school to prove it, but they'd probably end up *liking* the place and then we'd be so annoyed!)

divinagrace said...

What a lovely blog! (I found this through Patience's blog.)

Best wishes to your Kindergartener. :o)