Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Wow. Hard to believe we're only a couple months away from welcoming our third baby girl! That fact has become the all-encompassing thought. As far as the rest of Bean's kindergarten year, we have quite a bit planned:

1. Continue with German

2. Meet with our Waldorf homeschooling co-op twice a month for activities like baking, dyeing wool, gardening etc.

3. Bean's Irish dance instructor believes she will be ready to compete by late Spring. I'm leaving this up to the Bean.

4. Bean is really into creating: with art supplies, blocks, pipe cleaners, clay. . . I want to make sure she always has lots of time for these things.

5. We are actually meeting with a new homeschooling group next week, specifically for kindergartners. It sounds really promising - not academically aggressive at all. They focus on music, gardening, arts, drama etc.

6. Bean is also become very good at writing. She writes notes and letters all the time. We need to work on is getting her to leave proper spacing between her words. They tend to crowd each other. =) =) It's something I would like to address, but not necessarily "work on" because she's only five. I don't want her natural love of letters and learning at be squelched by having to focus on anything other than writing and ideas and her imagination. I feel she's just too young. Learning and writing and "school" is such fun for her. She gets so excited and I'm not willing to alter that. =) =)

Not once have I regretted our decision to homeschool. With every passing day it becomes clear tome what a perfect arrangement this is for our family and what a blessing it is that we are able to do this!

I wish you all a wonderfully joyful 2008!!!

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