Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pumpkin Harvest!

Pumpkin picking time! We have had a wonderful time this summer watching the pumpkins grow. Bean and I prepared the beds in May and planted several things, including pumpkins. Their vines wove through the rabbit guard to spread out into the yard and through the gaps in the wooden fence. One climbed the wooden picnic table and another climbed a tree!

When the first green teeny-watermelon-looking pumpkins made their appearance, there was quite a bit of celebrating on the part of the Bean (and me too.) It was so neat to go out to water the garden and find another one popped up, overnight, it seemed.

Last night, after dinner, we brought in all five of our organic pumpkins! Bean could not stand to leave them on the front porch, so they are residing happily around the plant stand, beneath our peace plant. In a week or so, we'll harvest the seeds, make Jack O'lanterns and begin planning next year's garden.

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