Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Halloween from the Bean

We're still here!!! We've been crazy busy, starting a new home school group, organizing a buying co-op . . . finding out that the new baby is a girl. =) =) =) =)

Ah - the power of three!

Currently, we're preparing for a Martinmas lantern walk on Friday. We're making Bean's lantern from a 24oz Ball canning jar. She's gluing on tissue paper to decorate it and, the beauty of using a canning jar is that we can wrap the wire handle around the outer ring of the lid and secure it that way. Bean picked out some snazzy coloured beads to thread onto her wire handle. She's a snazzy girl.

Tuesday is German - which Bean and I both love and we are learning SO much!! Thursday we'll be candle dipping and Friday will be our lantern walk with our new home school group. It has been cold cold cold at night and I'm glad I ordered long johns early this year! Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!


the mama said...

Love the outfit! We are planning our first ever Lantern Walk this year and I was quite skiddish of paper lanterns, so I was thinking about canning jars as well! Great to see your plan -- may I copy! LOL!
Enjoy your week!

Merriconeag - Place of Easy Passage said...

Absolutely! Please let me know how it all turned out! Lantern walk is SO much fun. Next to all the Christmas festivities, it's my favourite fall/winter celebration!

Mariposa said...

My daughter wore the exact same costume two years ago, down to the shoes and the same doggie in the basket.