Wednesday, October 3, 2007

She had her first German class yesterday and we LOVED it. After her one hour lesson, we came home to do the colouring sheet and she is already recognizing "violett, blau and rot" written out as ' purple, blue and red.' The other colours, she can translate from memory. I am so impressed. Just shows how fast little people can learn when they LOVE it! =) =)

Today she wanted to do more German colouring worksheets, of which we had none. So, we worked up some autumn leaves and I wrote the colours out on those and she was content with that.

Today is watercolour day, though it was postponed until after nap due to a case of crankiness. Bean and Love Bug are both sleeping now and hopefully everyone will wake up happy!

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Anonymous said...

I think I joined Enchanted Learning right about the time we started in the German class. They have some cute printables--a bit older than Bean, maybe, but they do have some cute dictionaries and animal sheets, etc.