Friday, October 12, 2007

What a wonderful day for a nature walk!

I think the high was just under 60 degrees, slightly cloudy, a bit breezy -it was perfect! Today was the first get-together for our new Waldorf Families group. We had a total of five families, 12 kids - all of whom got along beautifully! Couldn't ask for anything better.

Bean found tons of treasures during our mile-long walk, including poison ivy, which she touched. Thankfully, another Mama was on hand with an antibacterial wipe containing alcohol and we rubbed both her hads very well. I am happy to report, so far so good!

Note to self -and anyone else -the "furry" brown vines that creep up along side trees are dead poison ivy and they can be quite nasty, even if they aren't still alive. Who can blame Bean for wanting to touch a furry brown vine? They're like the puppies of fall foliage! Except they have rabies, sadly. Well, now we know!

The weather here has turned cooler - as in hats and jackets and layers for the Bean and the Little Love Bug. Yay fall!!!!

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