Thursday, May 1, 2008

Look - two posts in one week!

I must be ignoring my laundry and dishes. ;) ;) Actually, this is a victory post. I left the house with all three little people today. lol! I can't believe in two months of my new little girl's life, today was the first time I was out with all three. Well, let's see . . . after a c-section, I couldn't drive for however many weeks, I had family here for a month after her birth, my husband's schedule always enabled me to leave the two older ones at home or my little middle child at home to take Bean to an activity.

Let me digress. My middle girl. My little Love Bug. I often say that, though I only have three children, I should be scored as if I had seven, because my middle, beautiful, sweet little 21 month old girl is like 5 boys. She weighs about 22 pounds and is the most loving child you could ever imagine - hugs everyone. Her first sentence was "I love you." She can melt your heart. Totally. She also climbs out of her crib, surfs in the rocking chair, has a mean pitching arm and the healthiest lungs you have ever heard. My husband calls her "Tank," because she is tough as nails and nothing stops her. I think Mighty Mouse is more accurate, either way, she is high speed, low drag. (I think I'll refer to her as Mighty Mouse on this blog from now on, btw.)

Back to today. I was determined, last night when I went to bed at 9:45 that we would go to Whole Foods today. Yes. We would. We. Would.

We did. Little Baby Sweet Pea was up from 4am until 5:50. Still. We were going to Whole Foods. Me and the Power of Three. LOL! I must say, they did great! Baby girl rode in the sling. The two older ones rode in a car buggy - BLESSINGS on the head of the person who decided that you could shorten the cart and shorten the car and a harried mother wouldn't need to apply for a special driver's licence to push the darn thing through the supermarket! About the 4th isle is, we came upon the Fruity Booty and Veggie Booty - my children actually squealed at the site of the bags. "Can we open one now???!!!" "Why, yes you can." And that was the last we heard from inside the car buggy until we passed by the chocolate. ;) ;)

Baby Girl slept through the whole trip and the ride home! We pulled into the driveway and the baby and "Mighty Mouse" were out like lights. Bean says "Let's go somewhere else." Can anyone say 'Cabin Fever?' I tell her, we can't. There are groceries to put away, they need to go into the fridge. Her response - which I totally loved "They're in cold bags. They can just hang out." LOL! Hang out! Chillin' like tater tots, apparently.

We didn't go anywhere else. We quit while we were ahead. I was feeling adventurous, not stupid. We did come in, eat lunch, put Mighty Mouse down for a nap. Nursed the Baby Girl and she hung out under the baby gym while Bean and I did a bit of homeschool. She is a workbook fanatic, so I caved and let her do 4 or 5 pages, then we got back to numbers. Mastering the teens into the 30's. I'm not sure where she "should be" with her numbers and I don't care (in case that was your next question.) I took all my math classes twice in college. I hated math and have tons of "math baggage," to this day! I will not hand that down. We are taking math slowly. She likes it. When she gets frustrated (rarely with homeschool) or seems to be fidgety, we stop. The ability to do that is why we homeschool in the first place. At any rate, she was thrilled to catch on so quickly. I think out math lesson took about 15 - 20 min total. Go Bean. Then it was off to gymnastics. Tomorrow is Irish Dance and hello weekend.

I thought I'd leave you with another photograph. This was taken in front of a beautiful Catholic church up the street. My little hippie Bean:


Patience said...

I love that photo!! Congratulations on getting out with all three. It sounds like a wonderful, liberating day :-)

Merriconeag - Place of Easy Passage said...

Thank you, Patience!!

Poppy & Mei said...

Just beautiful!
Well done on actually getting all of you out there, that's quite an achievement! It's hard enough with two I reckon. ;)
Gorgeous post & wonderful pic! Xxx