Saturday, November 17, 2007

Glimmer Lantern, Glimmer

Last night we finally had our lantern walk with our homeschooling group. It was scheduled for last Friday, but postponed due to rain. I must say, it was blissfully worth the wait. Seven families, fifteen children - it was a really beautiful evening. We sand lantern songs while we walked, then converged back at a group member's home for a bonfire and s'mores. It was cold! The van's outdoor thermometer read "37 degrees" on our way home, but no one seemed to notice. The children played in the backyard, the adults talked around the bonfire. A desire for get-togethers just like this one was truly the reason I started this homeschool group. I decided it was too cold and LoveBug was too little to attend, so she stayed home with Daddy. It was just me and the Bean. We both had a total BLAST!


thegoodwitch said...

Hey, fancy new blog graphic. Very lurvely. (As I follow you in the blogring, yours in one of the sites I see regularly!)

Merriconeag - Place of Easy Passage said...

Thank you!!