Tuesday, September 4, 2007

School Year's Resolutions

Kelly over at Pass the Torch: http://2passthetorch.com/2007/08/28/school-years-resolutions-call-for-bloggers/challenged homeschooling bloggers to write out our school year's resolutions, so here goes:

1. To do my very best to make sure that, no matter what, my little Bean will stay as excited about homeschool as she is right now.

2. To remember learning is not a marathon or a sprint, its the most awesome road trip of all time. The ultimate "It's not about the destination, its about the journey."

3. To stick to my Waldorf beliefs and WHY I know Waldorf is the best choice for our family, regardless of what *insert random child's name* is doing in kindergarten, or beyond, for that matter.

4. To keep in mind there was no workbook or curriculum or "drills" to teach my sweet little one year old LoveBug how to walk, and yet, within two short months, she has gone from wobbling to RUNNING.

5. To cherish these girls' childhoods and the gift that they are to us all - even on days I am considering sending them to a military academy. =) =)


Kelly - PTT said...

What a beautiful set of resolutions! Thank you so much for joining us. And be sure to link up when I post mine on Thursday. Others will want to read the goals you've set as well.

Christine said...

I think I would have to include:

Don't forget to eat, sleep, pee and laugh every single day.

Anonymous said...

What, you didn't give her walking drills? :::sigh::: Love your resolutions :)

Mert said...

You made me snort about the military academy. :) Great resolutions!