Thursday, September 20, 2007

Journey North

Today was our very first Clover Buds meeting and Bean had a blast! They learned all about the Monarch butterfly and she coloured a monarch butterfly and our Clover Buds group will be sending them to students in Mexico. In the spring, those students will send them back to us. How cool is that??!! My little Bean was a Monarch butterfly fanatic by the time we left. When she came home and told her Daddy all about the Monarch migrating to Mexico. She told him they started out as caterpillars but them formed a chrysalis and put on their butterfly clothes and when he came out he was a butterfly. She told him how butterflies have long tongues, like straws and they curl them up when they fly. Then we went on line and registered with Journey North to report the scores of Monarch butterflies who have been dining at our butterfly bush over the last few days. We probably counted 10 of them at one time yesterday and, of course, there was nothing to do but run to the window and check as soon as we got home from Clover Buds. Sure enough - three beautiful orange and black visitors! Have I mentioned recently how much I love homeschooling -and not just because she gets to learn all this neat stuff, but because I get to experience it with her!
I think maybe tomorrow we'll do a main lesson book / nature journal of sorts. Bean can draw a picture of a monarch butterfly and then I'll write down all the wonderful things she remembers about them.
Oh - and for anyone who is interested, here is the link to Journey North:
Happy butterfly tracking!

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