Friday, August 24, 2007

Mission Completed!!!

Woo hoo! Found my last verse- a candle lighting verse for autumn! (Yes, as in the "one to light a candle" thing from the Waldorf funny below. Hey those things are only funny if they're true - and I already said I was a Steiner geek. Now you know I wasn't kidding. =) )

Anyway - a HUGE thank you to Annette Frontz and her Seasons of Joy Autumn Curriculum for this perfect Autumn candle lighting verse.

The sun it shines so warm and bright
It strengthens all I do.
Now let me take this bit of light
So I shine brightly too!

I looked through all my Waldorf stuff and books and sites and could not find one I was happy with! If any of y'all are looking for really great Autumn material, you should definitely check out her site. It's only 15.00 and it includes a planning form, photographs and 73 pages of material!

Thanks, Annette!

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